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Young Businesswomen

Mentoring Eden Method students  is one of my very favorite things to do!
So much exciting learning happens so rapidly!

As a founding Faculty member of the EEM CP I have taught and continue to teach all in all levels of the program in both the US and Europe.  

l have had  a clinical practice in EEM for over 20 years.  For several years of those years I practiced in a physician's office.  Many clients who had not been helped by traditional methods were referred to me and boy did I learn a lot! 

Mentoring can be done in a variety of ways.  My favorite is to be on Zoom with you as you work with a difficult client - or as we together work with you as client.
Other options are to book time via Zoom, Facetime or on the phone.

I make sessions transformative and fun for all of us!

Session fees are $100 per hour for current students, $125 per hour for those not currently involved in EEM classes.  Minimum time is 30 minutes.

Contact me today to start boosting your skills!
(972) 916-9194 for voice mail
(214) 773-6448 for texts

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