My personal  experience with the power of psychotherapy beginning in 198O was my initial motivator to begin this work. My long distance marriage was failing and this was bringing up unresolved issues from my family of origin and past relationships.

I was living away from my support system and working in a new job in a male dominated field, using my MS in Natural Resource Economics.  I grew increasingly unhappy and realized it was time to seek help.

I found help in two very different arenas.  One was traditional psychotherapy.  The other was a system developed by a very aware young woman called "Modes of Friction/Modes of Healing".


This system used kinesiology to identify blockages and imbalances in the energy system that were resulting in symptoms and issues in life. Energy modalities were then identified, again with kinesiology, and used to create vibrational shifts that resulted in higher and more cohesive energy states.


This was during the late 1970s in a small city in Oregon.  I haven't heard of this system since then.  It resembled a very simple type of Resonance Repatterning. 

As I began to shift and heal I knew I had chosen the wrong path for my life and went back for a second masters degree - this time in Counseling Psychology. Such a better fit. It is so very important for all of us to find and live in ways that fit our unique selves!

Since that time I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon, North Carolina and currently in Texas.  I maintain an in person therapy and energy practice, teach classes privately and with the Eden Method Institute where I have been on faculty for the past 17 years.  I teach classes throughout the US and Europe and am available to do so by arrangement.

Additionally, I have developed a unique and powerful method for working with individuals online that I'm super excited about!  This method combines tools from attachment based psychotherapy, the Eden Method, EMDR and Emotional Transformation Therapy and Resonance Repatterning.  


My specialties are:

  • Healing Trauma

  • PTSD, particularly adult children from abusive/dysfunctional families

  • Hakomi Therapy

  • Quantum Psychology

  • EMDR

  • Emotional Transformation Therapy

  • Resonance Repatterning

  • The Eden Method

My work is highly collaborative, experiential and present moment centered.  I know that each person has profound inner healing resources and I can serve them best by aiding in removing blocks to these and supporting their empowerment.

Currently I have an office in Dallas, TX, and offer sessions online.   I live south of Dallas in a more natural setting with 3 species of 4-leggeds - canine, equine and feline. I spend as much time in nature as possible, for it is one of our greatest healers.    

 Blessings on Your Journey of Transformation!

Sunset in the Woods
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