My Areas of Expertise

Compassionate, intuitive attachment based therapy intended to fully understand your situation, provide insights and recommendations and help you process and gain new perspectives. I have specialized in healing the effects of trauma since 1986.  These include but are not limited to PTSD, Anxiety Issues, Depression, OCD.Discussion of the methods below which may be used to facilitate your goals.


EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
"Getting Past Your Past" Francine Shapiro, creator of EMDR
A state of the art therapy originally designed (and highly researched) to alleviate the physical, mental and emotional distress associated with traumatic memories.  EMDR facilitates this within a healing protocol by very gently alternately stimulating the right and left frontal hemispheres of the brain through light, sound and hand tapping.  All of this is within your control.  Rapid release of trauma is accomplished, plus the discovery of hidden internal resources, enhanced self-esteem and feelings of safety.  EMDR can also be used for performance enhancement.

Emotional Transformation Therapy - ETT

"Healing at the Speed of Light"  ETT Byline

ETT works much like EMDR.  Additionally, frequencies of color, light and eye movements rapidly transform disturbing memories and emotional and physical distress into positive resources.  ETT does this with a set of tools and the client/therapist attachment based relationship that helps the brain to access and release neural pathways that hold distress and change them to positive, empowering states. As this occurs the physical symptoms of distress are often eliminated. "Change Your Brain, Change your Life!"

The Eden Method

"Everything is made of energy".  Albert Einstein, Quantum Physics


Formerly known as Eden Energy Medicine, EEM is a comprehensive method to aid the system in healing and evolving through its energies.  The Eden Method assesses 9 primary human energy systems and related subsystems using applied kinesiology. It is based ancient and contemporary healing methods and supported by the findings of ,  Practitioners incorporate hands-on work, simple exercises and postures to aid the client in healing.  Clients leave sessions with simple, yet powerful tools to continue their own self-healing.

Resonance Repatterning

"We are wired for wellness and the vitality of a spiral up life.  When you change what you resonate with you change your life."

Chloe Faith Wordsworth the creator of Resonance Repatterning.  


Using a series of statements and kinesiology RR identifies the physical and emotional patterns, imbalances and beliefs we energetically resonate with and utilizes simple techniques and positive self care to change our energetic resonance to what we desire.

Stressed Woman

My Approach

We all experience life and relate to our challenges, beliefs and memories differently.  

In collaboration with you I choose the methods listed as well as some other tools from my psychotherapy training and experience that I think will be most useful to assist you in healing, growing and accomplishing your goals.

I use a gentle, intuitive and playful approach with humor and fun whenever possible!