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Online therapy may very well be the wave of the future. I've been doing it for over the past 15 years with clients from all over the world.  Please see my blog about it!

Here's what one client from Canada had to say about it:


"I was skeptical at first, seemed like it couldn't be the same - not personal and far away.  I came away feeling great about it.  I got to work with the therapist who had the skills I wanted and it really was pretty much just like being there.  I booked another session and am looking forward to it!"  MJ, British Columbia, CA 2018

Online or remote sessions are remarkably similar to in person sessions.  I am there with you face to face via Zoom.  We work with whatever is most pressing for you in the moment.  AND you take away very simple yet powerful tools to continue improving and feeling better after the session is over.


In online sessions we use experiential tools from EMDR, ETT, EFT and The Eden Method”.  (Please see the descriptions of these methods by clicking on the My Approach tab.)  These are the same methods we would use if we met in person.  These tools have been adapted specifically for online use and are just as effective as they are in person.  

Free 15 minute consultation: send me an email or leave a message (501) 737-4670

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