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During the last several decades the fields of psychology and energy medicine have made huge advances in alleviating suffering and expanding human potential. 

My mission is to use some of the best of the both modern, and ancient wisdom and methods.  

We partner together, with your participation in helping you achieve the goals that brought you to therapy.  

The methods I use have been successful in the resolution of depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and in reducing the stress response and component of physical illness and pain.  They are based on scientific brain research, brain gym exercises, kinesiology, acupressure and other gentle yet powerful modalities.

My goal is to empower you to be your own best healer.  You will leave each session with tools to continue to heal and grow.  Call or email me to begin today!

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509 N. Winnetka Ave

Dallas, TX 75208  

Enter door on right, come up the stairs and have a seat in the waiting area.

Sarah Owen MS, LPC offers a unique blend of Eden Energy Medicine, brain healing therapies, counseling, and energy psychologies to help you be your best and heal your body, mind and spirit.  Individual sessions, classes and mentoring.