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Offering a unique blend of client centered counseling, energy psychologies and Eden Energy Medicine.  

My favorite therapist, Sarah Owen!  She is the best in the combined fields of energy therapy and psychotherapy.  Wisdom, integrity, fun, effectiveness, support, respect, insight, honest plus self-help tools for after the session.  NPM former client

My Philosophy

My work is highly collaborative. We work together to identify your goals and the therapeutic methods that fit best for you.  I use humor whenever possible to make our sessions lively and when appropriate light-hearted.    I believe that each person has profound inner healing resources and I can serve you best by aiding in removing blocks to these and supporting your empowerment.

What if things could be different?

What if you felt free of past and present limitations and had:

  • More Energy

  • Peace of Mind

  • Less Sadness,Depression, Anxiety

  • Better Sleep

  • Decreased Pain?

Would you like your life to be different in these ways?

Would you like to feel better and have increased vitality and joy?


How about more skills to boost and maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing and improve your relationships?  


Healthy at any age

Why not try a unique blend of intuitive, compassionate counseling and experiential tools that rapidly release trauma, resistant patterns and stuck emotions?    


Check out the Areas of Expertise page to learn more about this.


Call today to set up a session - in person or online.


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12830 Hillcrest Rd.

Suite D111

Dallas, TX 75230

Left at first driveway.  Park straight ahead. Enter east door, left at hallway.  Suite D111 is last door on the left. 

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Client Centered Counseling, including The Eden Method, EMDR, Emotional Transformation Therapy, Resonance Repatterning, EFT