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​Donna Eden holding Main Neuromuscular Points- The Ultimate Stress Relievers!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Eden Energy Medicine combines ancient healing modalities from China, the America's and the East with modern science about the body and mind.  

A session consists of an assessment of the 9 energy systems of EEM using kinesiology, some simple self help exercises, and a balancing treatment done fully clothed on a massage table.

You will leave feeling remarkably relaxed and with clear handouts to keep your healing going.  To learn more:, click the Eden Energy Medicine Link.

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT)

One of the ways our brains regulate our systems is through our vision, i.e. through the light that enters our eyes.  Different wavelengths of light produce different colors which can  profoundly affect our emotions and well being and can be used to heal our minds and bodies.  Emotional Transformation Therapy works with the mind and body using light and color.  ETT employs several therapy tools among them a spectral or color chart, and a visual device that combines color and light.  These tools are  used within the context of attachment based therapy. 

ETT is extremely effective for quickly resolving anxiety, depression, complex trauma and also the highly significant stress components of pain and illness.  It can be a miraculous therapy for healing, change and growth.  Hence the title of the book: Slow Down, I'm getting well too fast!

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Eden Energy Medicine 


EMDR promotes healing by stimulating  communication between the right and left hemispheres as well as other areas of the brain so that trauma and blocks can be released.  

Research indicates that difficult emotions and unresolved traumas tend to become lodged in the right hemisphere of the brain where they  keep replaying, much like the proverbial broken record.  This prevents us from learning from our experiences, overcoming them and moving on.  

Stress and trauma also result in overactivity in some brain areas.  The result can be a whole host of stress and symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, addictions, mood swings, and physical illnesses.  

Both EMDR and ETT assist us and our brains, emotions and bodies to heal.  Then we are able to move forward in life.  

Eye Movement

Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

CBT works to identify and change dysfunctional assumptions and automatic negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that result in problematic behaviors that lead to life difficulties and unhappiness.  

Clients are very active in the process, keeping a journal of triggering incidents, thoughts and behaviors.  The journal, with therapy, is used to create new, more positive perceptions and more functional behaviors.  I use the tools of CBT with the other brain and energy modalities for an unbeatable approach to rapid, permanent change.