The Energies of Love – Great Relationships are Made...not Found!

Give Yourself and Your Relationship a post Valentine’s gift!

Wednesday March 21 7 - 9 pm

509 N Winnetka Ave Suite 203

Dallas, TX 75208

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In this two hour class for couples and singles who would like to be in a couple you will-

  1. Explore the inner worlds of the four Sensory Types – the digital, tonal, kinesthetic and visual – and how they create the underlying tensions in close relationships. 
  2. Identify your own style and that of your intimates. 
  3. Learn how to use these styles plus exercises from energy medicine to enrich your relationships rather than cause disharmony. 

This class is for anyone who wants to know more about their vulnerabilities  and strategies in relationships under stress.  It is based on material from the award winning book The Energies of Love by Donna Eden and David Feinstein and taught by Sarah Owen MS, LPC, an experienced counselor and long time faculty member with the Eden Energy Medicine Institute.