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Below is the Curriculum for each of the Foundations Classes
The classes must be taken in order as each builds on the previous material.

Class 1 June 7 - 9, 2018

Principles of Energy Medicine
Energy Testing
Eden Energy Medicine Exercises - Testing and Correcting the Daily Energy Routine
Staying Grounded 
Basic Anatomical Terminology
Introduction to the Meridians
Influencing Meridian Energies - Tracing and Flushing Meridian Pathways
Therapeutic Protocols: 
         Quickie Energy Balancer - Powerful 15-30 Minutes Session 

         Brazilian Toe Technique - Balances Polarities for Pain Relief and Better Sleep
Introduction to Ethics 
Energy Tracking

Class 3 November 8 - 10, 2018

Meridians, Part III - More In-Depth Te
sting and Corrections using acupuncture

Beginning Substance Testing
Energy Medicine and Pain - A complete, Must Have Set of Tools for Decreasing and 
    Managing Pain
Reactive Energies
The Auric Field or Biofield 
Irregular Energies, Part II
The Body's Electrics - Energies Powerful for the Heart and Nervous System and for 

    Healing and Regeneration
Legal Issues 
Class 3 EEM Client Sessions

Class 4 January 31 - February 2, 2019

The Chakra System - Testing, Clearing and Balancing Our Highly Important Nerve   
    Plexus and Hormone Centers
The Radiant Circuits or Strange Flows in Traditional Chinese Medicine - The

    Energies of Balance and Joy
Meridian Source Points - Reservoirs of Energy for Our Vital Organs
Energy Medicine for the Eyes - A Complete Unit of Self Care for the Eyes 
The Energies of Love –Sensory Types - Identify Yours and Others Hard Wired

    Response to Relationship Stress.  Learn valuable communication and de-

    stressing tools!
Class 4 EEM Client Sessions

Class 2 August 23 - 25, 2018

Introduction to the Five Rhythms or Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Meridians, Part II - Testing using the Alarm or Mu Points of each Meridian 
Self and Surrogate Testing
Neurovascular Reflex Points - Balancing the Emotional Aspects of Meridians 
Triple Warmer and Spleen - Key Energies of the Immune System and General Wellbeing
Using Magnets
Vivaxin Syndrome
Introduction to Irregular Energies
Therapeutic Protocol
      The Black Pearl Sanctuary - Deeply Relaxes the Nervous System through

       the Hypothalamus (the black pearl)
Class 2 EEM Client Sessions