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 Blow it Out!

​           1. Stand with your feet hip width apart and take a deep breath  

           2. Feel whatever it is you want to let go of

           3. Inhale, grab your stuff in your fists and swing your arms overhead

           4. Exhale thru your mouth with a Ssss sound as you swing your arms down

               behind you, opening your fists and letting it go!

           Repeat 1 - 4 until you feel calmer

          5. Inhale again circling your arms overhead.  Make fists and feel your own  

              strength and center.  Exhale slowly with the SSSS sound down the center

              line of your body.


I'm OK!

          1.  Make the OK sign by placing pads of thumbs over index fingernails.  

                 Lightly rest the thumb and index finger circle at your temples, baby fingers

                 at the inner corners of your eyes, middle and ring fingers at center of

                 forehead.  Hold for at least 3 deep relaxed breaths.

Zip UP!


        1. Place both hands on or slightly out from your body at your

            pubic bone. Trace up to your lips affirming that only good

            comes in and you are safe!



 Transform Your Life and Your Health 

Let it Go!  Beat Stress & Find Serenity

Start today!  Do the 3-step exercise below!

1.Blow it Out

2. I'm OK !

3.Zip Me Up

Sarah Owen MS, LPC offers a unique blend of energy psychologies and energy medicine to help you heal your body, mind and spirit.  Individual sessions, classes and mentoring.

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